Rent to Own Grande Prairie

Rent to Own Grande Prairie Saves Families Years of Rent Payments


The Rent to own Grande Prairie team has an offer to good to overlook. We can help you own your own home sooner than you ever thought possible, and help you stop lining the pockets of your landlord.

Enjoy the things you have dreamt about for years. The kids and pets can play in the fenced back yard while you tend your vegetable and flower gardens. Set up your dream workshop and store the car away from harsh winter weather in your own garage.

Your family will enjoy the comfort and privacy of life in a quiet neighbourhood. Best of all, with the help of rent to own Grande Prairie, you will be able to treat your house like a home. Decorate and paint to match your taste, not the landlord’s, or even renovate to add space and improve your quality of life. You can become a homeowner immediately, regardless of your current financial picture.


Keep reading to discover the secret to purchasing

a home for your family!

Credit problems, you say? No problem, we say!


Even if the banks have said no way because of a credit score or self-employment, the Real Estate investors at rent to own Grande Prairie will help. If you are paying rent right now, our Rent to own program may be the ideal solution to your housing needs.

Down payment assistance – hooray!

The days of needing 20 percent or more for a down payment on a mortgage are over when you rent to own. You will not need tens of thousands of dollars for a down payment on a good home. You will need a minimum of $10,000 down payment, this helps us to ensure that you will be able to qualify for your home when the time comes.

If you can afford reasonable monthly payments and have some money to put as a down payment, our Rent to own program is your good news. The rent to own Grande Prairie program will let you get qualified for one of our stunning homes. No bank qualifications or loan approval is needed. Every month spent sending money to a landlord is more of your money flushed down the toilet.

The choice is yours – and there is no reason to wait!

We have serious buyers looking for a home all the time. When new properties come available, we notify them first and they get first shot at becoming homeowners. Your family can become part of this select list, simply by contacting us!

Tell us about your dream home and location so we can start looking for the ideal home. Sometimes, the rent to own Grande Prairie program purchases properties and does not even have time to advertise them on our website before home buyers in our Program take them.  Even if one of our current inventories of homes is not right for you, let us know what you want and we will try to find it.


Explore your options – FREE!


Do not waste any more time or money waiting to establish or improve your credit. Stop worrying about how you will save for a traditional down payment. Rent to own Grande Prairie is here to help. Check out our programs and see the solutions we have available for you.

Let us help you build your credit and own your own home NOW!  You and your family deserve it now, not after you have sent the landlord’s kids through college with your rent payments. Do something about it, and start with the rent to own Grande Prairie web listings of beautiful, available homes. One of them could be yours if you choose.


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