Rent to Own Grande Prairie

Rent to Own Program

Easy Step by Step Guide- The Rent to Own Grande Prairie Program


1) Fill out a Rent to Own Grande Prairie Application.

This is the first step towards buying your dream home.  All you need to do is fill out a short application right here!  This application will provide us with lots of valuable information about what sort of home you are look for and what your current financial position is.  Don’t worry. We realize your situation may not be the best, and thats okay!  We will still do everything we can to get you into your own home.

2) Search for your dream house and put an offer in.

After your application has been approved and we have received your deposit comes the fun part were you go out with our realtor and start searching for your dream home.  Once you find the perfect house for you we will submit an offer to buy the property for you.

3)  Move In Day!

Once your home has been purchased you get to move in and start enjoying your dream home for the term of the program.  While you are living in your home we will be working along side you to Repair and Rebuild your Credit as well as to increase your Down Payment Savings.

4) Purchase the Home for yourself and Complete the Program –

After you have successfully rebuilt your credit and saved up enough of a down payment, you can get your own financing from the bank and purchase the house free and clear in your own name.

Congratulations on completing the program and realizing your dream of home ownership.                                                Don’t forget to celebrate!!


So what are you waiting for?  Fill out an Application TODAY!